ERP Project Staffing

ERP Staffing
We provide the staffing resources necessary to make your ERP implementation a success.
Most organizations do not have the internal resource capacity or expertise to handle the complexities and workload of an ERP implementation. To ensure enterprise system operability and success, organizations often need to expand internal IT teams both in the short- and long-term.
Finding the Right Team
Using mobile workforce recruiting and human resources training, Emerotech can help your organization build the best staffing structure available. We are well-equipped to work either in concert with existing HR departments and hiring practices or to create an independent model specific to your organizationa��s needs.
What We Deliver
a�? A clear focus on business improvement and organizational readiness
a�? Industry knowledge and insight to match your area of business
a�? Integration of software technical competencies with our core consulting service offerings
a�? The best contract, contract-to-hire, and/or permanent-hire resources for the job
a�? Functional and technical expertise in ERP software systems
Emerotech also offers all levels of IT support for ERP software selection and implementations, including end-user training, technical troubleshooting and organizational change management services.
Contact us to learn how our one-stop approach to ERP consulting can maximize your ROI.