Emerotech Difference

The Emerotech Difference
Emerotecha��s unique approach has been proven via ERP selection , asset management and IT service management projects for clients across the globe. Our standardized methodologies are consistently used by all of Emerotecha��s resources and have become the industry standard that competing firms strive to attain. In addition, we have the flexibility to work with our clients on longer-term engagements and to adapt to increased and modified project scopes throughout the engagement.
100-Percent Independent
a�? We do not sell software
a�? We focus on the best solution for your organization a�� any product, any vendor
a�? Technology-agnostic approach ensures objectivity
Industry Experience
a�? Consultants have operational experience in multiple industries
a�? Big-picture focus on how technology can improve your business
a�? Leverage industry best-practices
Reduced Project Cost and Risk Evalectric Flat Iron
a�? Negotiation results typically exceed fees by a multiple of three to five times our cost
a�? Extensive experience enables a successful selection and implementation
Client Satisfaction Guarantee
a�? We help clients transform their businesses to better serve their own customers
a�? Nearly 100% of our clients hire us for repeat work
a�? Unparalleled client satisfaction levels
a�? Award-winning and internationally recognized client results
a�? Measurable results and return on investment exceeding our fees
Global Reach
a�? Mobile consulting team
a�? Experts work on-site at your corporate office, and, if applicable, any otherA� A� A� A� domestic or global locations