Emerotech is a consulting company focused in SCM, MRO, Infrastructure and Information Technology. Our team already involved in delivering solutions to various clients especially in Mining, Oil & Gas and Power businesses. Emerotech provides services and products in supporting the needs of SCM and MRO activities including business process review, ERP advisory, Data assessment and Cleansing, Material Data Cataloguing outsourcing and tools implementation. Our work spans formulation of high-level policy and strategy to preparation of and implementation support for capital projects in these fields.

The depth of our services creates synergies and generates insights that distinguish us from other professional advisory firms focusing on these sectors. Our experience with policy and regulatory development helps us design better projects. Conversely, our project-specific experience helps us formulate policy and strategy that is realistic, effective and implementable.

In addition, our focus in the region have established us as trusted advisors to our clients. Physical proximity to our clients enables us to be more responsive to client needs, and allows us to develop and maintain long-term relationships. Most importantly, this enables us to go beyond just sharing insights with and making recommendations to our clients. We can work side-by-side with them to implement change successfully, and thereby create real value for our clients.

IT and Asset Management Consulting

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Emerotech’s Value Proposition

Emerotecha��s Value Proposition
At Emerotech, we determine our value proposition through measurable results. After the costs and benefits of our services have been compiled throughout the process, the Emerotech team works with the client to validate and finalize the business case for the services proposed.
Value Proposition Review Criteria
a�? Final software and implementation cost estimates, including customization, licensing, hardware upgrade, contingency and other hidden costs
a�? Quantified business benefits, including labor, non-labor and capital benefit opportunities, as well as a Benefits Realization plan outlining specifically how the client will achieve those benefits
a�? Projected cashflow, return on investment, payback period and internal rate of return for the ERP investment
a�? In addition, the team defines the specific functional and departmental areas where the client will achieve business benefits. The purpose of this task is to provide a justification for the ERP implementation, as well as to identify actions that the client should implement to optimize business benefits.

Inventory Control

The role of a supply chain consultant is to ensure initial implementation of the supply chain as a whole. The activities hopefully would catalyze effective functioning and thereby, efficient achievement of business goals in order to create an effective business environment

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